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Long Term Care Insurance

Protect your assests and your independence with Long Term Care Insurance.  Coverage available for Home Care, Assisted Living Facility and Nursing Home.

What is Long Term Care?

Long Term Care is the personal care you may need on an ongoing basis due to:

  • a disabling injury
  • chronic medical condition
  • effects of aging

Long Term Care helps people with the essential Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) such as: bathing, eating, dressing, continence, toileting, transferring

Some LTCi Facts:

  • You have about a one in 80 chance of ever using your homeowner's insurance, and a one in 40 chance of using your automobile insurance, but you have about a 60 percent chance that you're going to be in a nursing home after age 65......National Underwriter, May 10, 1999 
  • Sixty (60) percent of all Americans will need long-term health care at some point in their lives.....National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, 1999
  • For a couple turning 65, there is a 75% chance that one of them will need long-term care....Wall Street Journal, 2000

Which asset have you set aside to pay for your long-term care expenses?  Savings, Investments, Home Equity?

Most retirement portfolios are not adequate to fund long term care.  That's not what they're designed for.  Even if they were why would you want to use up your retirement on the cost of care when you don't have to?

The Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program projects by 2030 annual costs will be:

Nursing Home: $190,600 (semi-private)
Assisted Living: $109,300
Home Care: $68,000


If you don't have Long Term Care insurance, how will you pay for the Long Term Care costs? 

Long Term Care Insurance may not be as expensive as you think - see some sample rates for yourself

Don't become a burden to your family, find out how you can get cash benefit account.

Receive the monthly cash benefit from the Cash Benefit Account you selected for as long as you need care, up to the lifetime maximum of the Cash Benefit Account.

Use the money as you choose!

For the care you want, from whomever you want, where you want, anywhere in the world.

Not only will you receive cash each month...

you will receive your cash benefit in advance!  So you won’t have to dip into your savings to pay for your services each month.

Find out more about our quality and affordable Long Term Care Insurance today.

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