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Thank you so much Todd.  As I told the woman who called earlier to verify...."The agent was excellent, very informative and easy to understand."

To paraphrase your e-mail yesterday..... it’s amazing how well things work when you are dealing with a competent agent as opposed to a salesperson who has a different agenda than the customer's.  

Quite frankly, initially I was hoping to take care of the switch in my supplemental on-line.  Based on past experiences, when it becomes necessary to actually call a live person, I shore myself up first to filter out any BS.  You were an unexpected pleasure to work with.

Have a good weekend.

Madeline H.

This e-mail made me smile....

Feel free to post if you want.....

I meant what I wrote.  

Madeline H. of Calverton, NY

Thanks Todd, same to you. 

Like most Americans, I absolutely hate anything to do with insurance or insurance brokers – we need too much of it, it is full of gobbledygook instead of concepts we can actually comprehend, and it is way too expensive.  But, dealing with you has been a totally different experience, wish I would have found you years ago when I lived in New YorkJ  TTYL, Lillian

Lillian, Miami Beach FL